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Not all will enter the Kingdom …

Feb 13, 2014


We praise Thee, O God,

For the Son of Thy Love.

For Jesus who died and

Is now gone above!

Halleujah! Thine the glory!

Halleuljah! Amen!

Halleujah! Thine the glory!

Revive us again.

Have you ever wondered why most churches hold revival services in the Spring? Traditionally, Spring represents a new beginning, new life. Old stuff is put aside, the new is brought in. That happens in revival too. Old worn out concepts of our former lives without Christ are put aside. Radically new life concepts are brought into play.

A revival is for Christians. One cannot be “Revived” unless that one has already been “Vived” at least once. Besides, with a few exceptions, the lost are not going to come to church to be told they are lost and going to a place we call hell. The days of the Church Building being a selling place of fire insurance for the soul are all but over. The Duck, Flo and the Gecko may be good, but they ain’t that good. Revival is an opportunity for the Christian to regain the joy of salvation and his/her first love. When that is taken care of, that Christian will take the gospel wherever he/she goes: school, work, the grocery, wherever one may go.

A better translation of the Great Commission is not “Go ye therefore…” it is, “Since you are already going…” Just remember, Revival is for the believer, not the nonbeliever.

The events of the past week at Post Oak have caused me to give a serious look at how I distribute this document. I believe I’m going to open a web page, a blog and instead of sending the text directly to your mailbox, I’ll send a reminder of a new post each time I make one. I just need some feedback from you as to what you think. On the upside, I feel you will already have a place to store all my posts, because they will be in the blog archives. I have already obtained space on a cloud drive for this purpose. I will be providing a link to the cloud so you can find these files there too. On the downside, I don’t like the idea of having whoever wants to posting comments. I don’t mind constructive criticism, in fact I welcome it. What I do fear is the fact that there are many people in this world who have a strong hatred for Christians and they take every opportunity to express that hate. I don’t want to expose some of the young Christians, who I know would be reading this site, to that extreme hatred and abuse.

Plus we have my response to the guy who asked me what was I gonna do if Nebuchadnezzar was not in heaven to answer my questions about his life. I replied, “Well I suppose my questions will be answered by the fact I don’t see him, so I guess you can talk to him.” That’s not the most civil answer but then I’ve never been known for being civil.

That brings what I think is the main reason as to why people dislike Christians so much. People hate the truth, especially when the truth contradicts what they want to believe. We believe Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. We believe Jesus is the Only way to Heaven. Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but not everyone wants to over God’s laws, His rules. So we tend to look like an “exclusive club” to nonbelievers. We may say, “God Loves you and Jesus died for you,” but what is being heard is, “If you don’t accept Jesus and His teachings, you are going to hell.”

I remember the mother of a Jewish student asked me one day about why Christians would say her son was not going to heaven. I considered this young mans parents good friends and even though I realized I was being put on the spot and in danger of possibly losing a friendship, I also knew I couldn’t back down.

“Let me ask a couple questions. How do you get to Heaven?”

She replied, “Well, by obeying the Law.”

I then asked, “Who was Jesus of Nazareth?”

She was honest, “He was a teacher and prophet.”

“But was he the Messiah, as some say.”

She quickly responded, “No!”

“Let me ask one more question. Am I going to Heaven?”

She was still quick in telling me I had to obey the Law of Moses. I asked her if I had to become a Jew. And she emphasized that by obeying the Mosiac Law, I was becoming a Jew.

I asked one last question, “So My going entrance into Heaven is contingent with me becoming a Jew and therefore believing in God Almighty. So if I don’t follow the teachings of Moses as written in the Law, I will not gain entrance to Heaven. Now what I am hearing is that if I were subscribing to the teachings of someone else, Confucious, Buddah, Mohammed or some other teacher/prophet, I would not find favor with God.”

She agreed with that.

“OK,” I said, “I don’t want to jeopardize a friendship, but Our core belief are very similar with one basic difference and to be honest, I realize that both of us cannot be right. Either we are both wrong or only one of us is right. In either case, we both believe that we each hold the absolute truth and therefore the other is wrong.”

She had to think on what I said, but she agreed with me.

“The difference in our beliefs is Jesus of Nazareth. I believe he is your Messiah, the anointed One of God, His only begotten Son. Being God, His teachings supercede those of Moses. I believe those teachings and you do not. If we do not agree, each of us must believe the pother is wrong and will therefore fall short. I am not condemning, but simply saying out of Love that Jesus is the only way to the father and to Heaven. Any other way will not get you there and hence will lead elsewhere. I pry for you and your family just as I believe you pray for me and mine. The problem lies in my belief that God only hears one of us. And I cannot help but think you feel that way too.”

She thanked me for my explination and agreed that we would simply have to agree to disagree on the subject of who Jesus is and how one gets to Heaven.

You see, many people believe in God, The problem lies in what they believe about Jesus of Nazareth.


Thank Your LORD for your Son

Steve (Hoss)





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2 responses to “Not all will enter the Kingdom …

  1. Bruce ⋅

    Steve, I met you at Post Oak. I was the one from Tyler Texas. Jackie has been sending us your emails. Please include me on your list. Also, I believe you can turn off “comments” if you prefer not to have negative ones appear….but they probably won’t. If they do, you may can delete individually. Bruce

    • santahoss

      Thanks Bruce, I’ve added your email to my list, but you can also subscribe to this blog. I’ve stored other posts in a cloud and I need to make sure folks have access to those posts also. It looks like WordPress will let me moderate comments, so I can have final say as to what others post. I have a few students reading this and they don’t need to have their faith shaken by the cynics.

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