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Thoughts on the Supper

ColBowlerThis blog began as an e-mail newsletter. I had undergone knee surgery and was recuperating at home. I was going stir-crazy and at the same time, I was searching for a way to minister to my church. What you are about to read is my first post from October, 2013 (Young blog, aint it?) I will be posting my earlier offerings over the next few days for folks who haven’t seen them before. Others may want to re-read them. Enjoy or skip over them. You have the choice.


Our LORD gave His church two ordinances, sacraments (Whatever you want to call them) to keep. The first is baptism, the second is the supper.

I sometimes wonder if we as His Church really understand what is going on when we partake of the LORD’S Supper. My wife and I spent the better part of seven years ministering to a small country church in North Christian county. I was the pastor and she was my worship leader. We had a communion service every Sunday morning. As Pastor, it was my job to make sure the people stayed focused on what we were doing at that time during worship. So, I prepared a short meditation on Communion and I officiated the service.

To tell the truth, At first I thought it would get old and lose its meaning, but the opposite happened. I gained a deeper appreciation of what Jesus did for us as I partook of the supper. In one sense I renewed my vows to God every time I broke bread and drank the cup, and it never got old. To tell the truth, I miss weekly communion. But The LORD gave no set instructions as to how often to serve the Supper. He simply said, “As oft as you eat this bread and drink this cup, do it in remembrance of Me.”

When we come to the table, we are affirming and renewing our commitment to Jesus Christ. We are renewing our marriage vows. After all, we as the CHURCH are called the Bride of Christ. But do we really understand what He did for us on that cross? Why do we need to remember His death? It was that Death on That Old Rugged Cross which purchased our redemption. And to make it more personal, I truly believe that if I was the ONLY person who needed that sacrifice, Jesus would have still gone to that hill and give of Himself. GLORY TO GOD!

The table is a sacred place for us. It is there, we are commanded to remember His sacrifice. May we never forget that. And may we also look forward to His Glorious coming as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.

Until He Returns

Steve (Hoss)


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