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It ain’t over ’till it’s over.

Ok, I’ve been to the mountaintop. Revival/renewal services are over. But is the period of revival over? I have a hard time believing God wants this time to end. Revival is over when WE say its over. God desires us to be close to Him. He has not turned his back on us, He never has, He never will.

All the prayer and study the past 4 months has produced results. People are reconciled with God. People are reconciled with one another. People are more committed to they daily devotional time. There is a desire to be close to God. This raises the question the pastor is asking … Where do we go from here?

I’ve heard several suggestions. Most of what I’ve gathered suggests a church/community effort. I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubbles, but I’m looking at a more individual effort. It is good to have the times of corporate prayer and study, but we need to also grow as individuals. It is fantastic to grow as a church community, but we also need to be able to stand alone. It is easy to pray and study with others, but I need to be able to talk to God, just me and Him.

I’m not saying we don’t need to grow closer as a church and community. I’m not saying the world does not need a revival. Renewal is needed everywhere. What I’m trying to say is that each one of us have a need to grow. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…” I’m a strong believer in that statement. If I seek God first, I will grow closer to Him and everything else will take care of itself. As we get closer to God we get closer to each other.

Well, Steve, won’t it work the other way around? I hate to say it, but its not a given. We can get closer to each other and not get close to God. Do you have any friends who aren’t Christians? They may be people you work with. They may be family. Is being close to you getting them closer to God? Or is being close to them getting you closer to God? The point I’m making is that getting closer to one another does not necessarily get one closer to God. But I can promise that as we get closer to God, we will get closer to each other.

I encourage you to spend more time in prayer and individual study. I find prayer time as I drive to and from work. I remember a supervisor who got to work early and spent time in Bible study and meditation. Where do we go from here? I truly believe that each of us need to strive to get closer and closer to God. When we do that, the rest will take care of itself.

As we get closer, renewal continues until that day He calls us home. As Yogi said, “It ain’t over ’till it’s over.”

Seeking Him

Steve (Hoss)



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