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Freedom must have responsibility

Feb 18, 2014

What is the basic malfunction in our Country today? As I walk into classrooms I see more and more entitlement minded people. I taught a sixth grade group last week that was the worst behaved class I have ever seen. These children actually believed they had a right to treat an adult with blatant disrespect.

Now I do believe in the rights of the individual. We have a right, given by God himself, to do what ever we wish to do. What most people have failed to realize is that right must be accompanied by responsibility for one’s own actions. If you refuse to accept the responsibility, then you forfeit the right.

My pastor and I have had this discussion before. Many political liberals are so bent on the rights of some individuals, they disregard the rights of others. People seem able to do what they want and share no responsibility for their actions. I agree that we must consider the background and reasons why a person made certain wrong decisions, but when it was wrong, then there must be some type of restitution for the wrong-doing.

I do like the line from National Treasure where the FBI agent said, “Somebody has to go to Jail.” Even though the hero ended up doing the right thing and discovered a Treasure trove of ancient artifacts, he did so by stealing a priceless document. There must be retribution.

“No problem, Hoss! We can pay for the illegals from the south with taxpayer money.”

“Foerign Aid? No sweat! Pull it out of the budget!”

“We don’t have enough money? That’s OK, we will borrow it from our posterity.”

“In debt too much? Just raise the debt ceiling!”


When are we going to take responsibility for our actions? Every solution I see to current problems is passed on to innocent people for making restitution. It seems to me that the guilty (The ones making the decision) should be “Paying for the crime.”  But Praise be to God that Jesus, the Christ, the innocent of innocents, decided of His own free will to pay the price for all of my wrongs. This is personal. This is Love. Now, it is up to me to live for Him, because He died for me.

But here is the problem today. The poor feel the world owes them a living and therefore take no responsibility for their actions. The rich feel no responsibility for their actions and are going to buy their way out.

The only way to find healing here is to find personal responsibility, and only God can give that feeling to us.

In His Love

Steve (Hoss)



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