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Step of Faith

LastCrusadefaith   I just finished watching the third Indiana Jones Movie for the umpteenth time. In this film, the quest is for the Holy Grail. The grail legend brings in elements from the King Arthur Legend and stories of the Knights Templar.  This legend is interesting itself, but that’s now where we want to go today. At the end of the film, Henry Jones, Sr (Indy’s father, played by Sean Connery) is shot and it seems that the only thing that can save him is water from the “Cup of Christ.” So… our hero goes deeper into a medieval temple to find the grail. He must pass three tests… Be penitent, follow the name of God, and follow the path of God.

It is following the Path; I want to look at here. In the film, Indiana Jones craws through a narrow passage only to exit to see a wide chasm and an entrance on the other side. His father’s notebook tells him to step out. He realizes he must take a step of faith.

Isn’t that what God is telling us?


“LORD, I can’t see the way…”

“Trust me.”

“But LORD, there is no path, there is no bridge!”

“It is there, My child, Trust me.”

“Father, I can’t see…”

“I am your eyes, trust Me.”


Sound familiar? Every step we take is a step of faith, but The Father is with us all the way. He is leading us, following us, walking to our right and left. He is even above and below us. Our biggest problem is not having a lack of faith that God will care for us and meet every NEED, We are concerned with whether or not God will meet every WANT.


Ahhh, my friends,

This is the kicker…

God’s LOVE and Care

Is all we will ever need.

But until it is all

We will ever want

We will never be satisfied.

That takes a step of Faith.

I’ve said this before haven’t I?

I’ve come to a conclusion…

And I know I sound like a broken record at times …

But until we get a few basic things right…

Why should we be burdened with other stuff?

Oh me of little faith

Why do I act like a little waif?

Why can’t I realize along with the rest

That it is the Heavenly Father who truly knows best?

When will I realize this one simple truth,

That when His kingdom I first seek

All his gifts will come under my roof?


Yes I know my poetry needs some work, but then, don’t we all?




Steve (Hoss)



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