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Don’t be fooled!

I am amazed at truth found in Hollywood.


During my daily routine, like many people, I have to take my medications. Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother to take them. I still have aches and pains. On those days, I need to remind myself why I even bother to take them, if I still hurt. What good are they doing? Then I remind myself of weeks like this week. As I prepare for knee surgery this week, my doctors have told me to quit taking my arthritis meds. Anti-inflammatory medications have a side effect … they act as a blood thinner. A surgical patient doesn’t need any blood thinners before surgery.  So here I am with no aspirin or medications that help treat inflammation of my joints. And with temperature dropping and rain in the forecast, Well… Hit Hurts! And I am reminded why I take those pills in the first place.  Oh I have substitutes. Pain medications are not quite the same though. Painkillers don’t really eliminate the pain as much as they make it easier to bear, but they have a down side. I don’t call them happy pills for nothing. A person starts taking too many painkillers and next thing he knows is he starts answering the voices and following the strange little animals. I’ll be glad when this second knee replacement is done so I can get back to Aspirin and Celebrex.

Now why do I tell you about Pain meds? Well the real med treats the problem. The substitute masks the problem. I still hurt but I don’t care.

That’s like it is with our spiritual lives. There are times we don’t realize God is there, but when we drift away from Him, we really do miss Him. Then the substitute comes around, Ole Ugly. Yep, he fills us up with pleasure and we don’t seem to miss our salvation. We know we aren’t with God, but we are having such a “good time” that we don’t care. Then at times since it feels so good, we tell ourselves that God is letting us have a little fun.

Just remember… God is not mocked, whatever we sow, we will reap.  We may not see the results of our wild oats in this life, but we will wish we had seen them in this life for sure as I write, God will make sure we reap, unless we receive forgiveness and then we may still have to pay the piper. David did. A man after God’s own heart committed adultery and murder. When confronted, he pled for forgiveness and received forgiveness, but he was punished for his crime during his lifetime.

One of my favorite movies is “The Usual Suspects.” Kevin Spacey plays a small time hood named Verbal Kint. He is taken in and is talking to a US Customs agent. The conversation leads to an international criminal named Keyser Sose. During this exchange we hear my favorite quote from this film… “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”

Do you understand how much truth is in that statement? People are now telling us that hell does not exist. Well if there is no hell then we all go to heaven or nowhere. If there is no hell, then no devil.

We are actually falling for that lie. Let me remind you, there is a place called Heaven AND a place called Hell. Both are very real and every person who has ever walked or ever will walk this rock we live on is going to spend eternity in one place or the other. I don’t care what any other religious person may tell you; There is only one way to get into heaven, which is through Jesus of Nazareth. He IS the Christ, the Son of God Almighty. All other ways of life led to hell. Make NO mistake. That is what my Bible says and THAT book is THE BOOK!



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