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Make a Joyful Noise

Make a Joyful Noise

Feb 27, 2014

Most of you know that I’m a retar … retired educator. Now, after 37 years in the classroom, I’m a substitute teacher. Maybe I didn’t make an error in that first sentence. Anyway, I’m teaching a music class today, choral music. My wife and daughter got a real kick out of that. There is a reason I’m not in the church choir. My singing sounds like a sick water buffalo. But I argue, “The Psalmist said to make a Joyful noise before the LORD”

The standard reply … “Hoss, trust us, your singing is definitely sorrowful.” I think the dogs howl and cats screech before I open my mouth to sing. I sometimes get upset because of my inability to make music for others, but I’ve learned to deal with and I do find solace in the fact that someday I will be able to sing with a beautiful and harmonious bass voice. Even if it isn’t that good, no one will care.

When we get to Heaven, we will be singing God’s praises. We will all be in the choir and it will sound great!

Actually, when we sing praise to God here on earth, it matters not how we sound to our fellow man, because we aren’t singing to each other. We are singing to God Almighty. Granted, we want to give a good performance, but when we give our best, we are giving a good performance. When we sing for our LORD, He always applauds. He gives a standing ovation for us. WOW! A standing ovation from the Holy Trinity!

That is the main reason I will not applaud any performance in a worship service. The performance was for our LORD, not for me. I may get to enjoy it and I will try to tell that person how I enjoyed his/her work and dedication, but I don’t want to rob them of any recognition they may receive from Him. That may sound cold, but that’s just me. Besides, not receiving accolades keeps me humble and makes me strive to do better.

While we all need an occasional pat on the back from others, lets us remember that what we do, we don’t do for that pat on the back, we do it for God. It’s called “Laying up treasures in Heaven.” That is including our worship activities and our attitudes. When each individual is worshiping God in his/her own way (A way that does not take away from others), it is a wonderful sight. After all, that’s what we will be doing in Heaven.

Remember, when our focus is on the LORD, what anyone else is doing is irrelevant.


Steve (Hoss)


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