We are ALL ministers

For some reason, we get the idea that the ministry of the church is the pastor’s or the deacon’s job. If you are a Christian, the job of ministry belongs to you. Yes, pastors and church leaders do lead in certain aspects of ministry, but so many of us are under the notion that visiting and. Caring for the sick of the church is the Pastor’s responsibility. I wonder who the job falls on when the Pastor is indisposed or the church is without one…. The Deacons? Aren’t they busy with running the church? Oh, the can. Pitch I and take up the slack left by the absence of the Pastor while. The congregation sits on their Blessed Assurances, critiquing their leaders for not doing enough. I remember one trustee, I’ll call him Tom, telling me that “someone” should be doing this or that. One day, I asked him if he was “someone” or a “nobody.” He took the hint and soon, as he saw a need inthechurch, he was either recruiting someone to help fill the need or he was doing it himself.
That is what ministry is… Seeing what needs to be done and then working to fill that need.
The pastor’s job is to lead and preach God’s message to the people. It is his place to encourage the congregation and teach them what, and how to do ministry. Granted, one of the best ways to lead is to lead by example, but some of use tend to think that we could never rise to the example put before us. I’ve said many times that when God puts a task before us, He also gives us the skillsets we will need to complete that task. The LORD has never wanted our ability. He wants our availability.
Last night’s bible study was from Acts 6. It seemed that there was some problem about certain folks being left out of the receiving end of the food ministry. The eleven knew their main focus was prayer and teaching the Word. So they told the congregation to choose seven to oversee this matter. These became known as the first Deacons.
Ministry leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Some are chosen by the people, but all are most definitely chosen by God. You are chosen. I may not be sure as to what area of ministry God has equipped you, but I do know He has chosen you. Find your niche and slip in. Don’t wait for someone to ask you, just do it!