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What have I gotten myself into???

Most of you have heard of Camp Joy Baptist Assembly in Brownsville, Ky. For many seasons between 1990 & 2010, I spent time on that campground. I was Camp pastor, dorm dad, camp clown (makeup included) or whatever else Director Stan Tillman and his wife, Karen, needed from me. Stan and Karen retired in December 2014 and that left the camp without a director. Camp Joy is owned by 8 Baptist Associations in South Central Kentucky and is governed by a board of directors from these associations.  These directors have the task of finding a new Camo Manager/Director. In the meantime, they realized they needed an interim/camp season director. I was approached. To be honest, I was flattered, but I live in Hopkinsville, 100 miles away. No way was I making that drive each day. After prayer and a discussion with my wife, I accepted the position. I will spend the week in Brownsville and drive home on the weekend. Or so I thought…. I forgot about Kiddie Camp, the overnighter for primary aged little ones and their parents. I also forgot about other church groups utilizing the camp on weekends. Then I realized that when I did go home, I was leaving the camp in the hands of college students. Granted, these are Christian and mature students but in one sense, they are still kids. I thank the LORD that there is an assistant director. HE does provide a way. I will still spend the week in Brownsville, but I will go home sometime between Thursday night and Saturday afternoon, only to return each Sunday after church. What have I let my friends talk me in to? I do look forward to this ministry opportunity. I do covet your prayers. I feel God. Has made me responsible for my assistant, Ten young camp staffers and the campers we will Be serving. Pray for us. Pray for the campers and the men who will be serving as camp pastor. Pray for my wife. But all in all, I do believe God is going to work a mighty work in all our lives. I will be posting about camp on this blog.


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