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Don’t Believe Everything You See

I’m seeing quite a bit of Christian friendly video in the theaters and on the television set. I should probably put that term in quotes. I’ 

I’m somewhat skeptical to how “Christian friendly” the network TV shows are as well as the films being released. The History Channel series “The Bible” was deemed a success and it has spawned an NBC series, “A.D. … The Bible Continues”. Mainstream films are meeting with success. “The Passion of the Christ”, while meting with controversy was still a huge success. “Noah” was very controversial, but was well attended. Both of these films were based on The Bible and tradition. Protestants may have had issues with “The Passion”, Catholics did not. “Noah” was a different story. Christians were concerned that the film was not true to scripture and many boycotted the film. The producers stated a disclaimer to the effect that they took artistic license. Since most religions originating in the Middle East had a world wide flood and these writer borrowed from many of them, I realized it was simply another take on the story of the Flood and took it at face value. 

These films, along with classics like “The Ten Commandments” and “The Greatest Story Ever Told” are film recreations of wonderful narratives. But they are retellings, paraphrases, a writer’s interpretation. They are NOT Scripture and we must not allow them to be perceived as so. I know many films and TV shows are true to the chronology and events of scripture, but there is a certain amount of artistic license in the writing.  That, I believe, is the danger of Some of these films. While they are Biblically based, they are not Scripture. They are interpretations of scripture. When we get down to it, our translations we read are actually interpretations of the original texts. But then, that is another essay.

The danger is that ther are folks who will think it happened exactly like they saw it in the video. While “The Passion” was the most physically realistic portrayal of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus, I still believe it had a way to go to show us how horrible it actually was. I believe the gospel writers did the best they could to describe the indescribable. “Noah” had a disclaimer, but I have to agree with some of the architects of ObamaCare… Never overestimate the intelligence of the general public. In other words, many people paid no attention to that disclaimer and came away thinking that’s how it happened. That may be stretching things, but I am sure folks think that way about other films.

They are good for discussion starters and an overview, but they should be viewed in light of scripture, not instead of scripture. Remember… The book is better. 

Read your Bible, it makes Hoss Sense.


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