SteveBluesWelcome to Hoss Sense.

I’m Steve Merideth, a man of many hats and nicknames. To Family I’m Steve, the second of Uncle Hub’s and Aunt Betty’s three sons. Younger brother Dan and older brother Gary passed away within a week of each other in 2006. I did both eulogies. High School and College friends probably won’t remember Steve Merideth, but they will remember Oscar. I’m told Dad’s sister named me after my grandfather, O. C. Merideth. I’m just thankful Aunt D didn’t want to name me Cephas. CB radio users would talk with Dr. Frankenstein over the airwaves and my students thought I bore a resemblance to The middle Cartwright son. Hoss also became the name of my clown character. My names started to merge with my hats. SantaHoss was a merger of two characters and Colonel Claus came into being when I changed my facial hair to resemble a fried chicken salesman.

My Hats? Well I’ve been a school teacher, grades 7-12. I’ve taught any math or science course Kentucky offers with the exception of the Life sciences. I’ve coached Football, Basketball, Softball and Track& Field. I’ve served various churches as a Deacon , Youth Minister and Pastor.

This blog is a look at the Christian lifestyle and how I perceive it. Should you agree with the Christian POV, Great! Praise God! Should you disagree with the Christian concepts presented, that is your God-given right. Feel free to leave a comment, I only ask that you be respectful of others and their opinions.


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