Political Correctness

I’m updating my files. Here is another early posting


Let me repeat something I said in my last posting … “I firmly believe that for the person of faith, no proof is necessary and for the person of reason, no proof is sufficient.”

When I say this to a non-believer, he usually responds, “That’s a cop-out!”

I rest my case! Since a non-believer does not want to believe, but cannot really disprove anything I’m saying, he will work to discredit my argument by saying I have no argument.

I usually bring up the Laws of Thermodynamics (You cant win, You can’t break even, You cannot get out of the game)

The second Law of Thermodynamics, The Law of Entropy, provides the best explanation of the workings of the universe (All Creation): Any energy system has a tendency to move to states of low energy and high entropy (disorder). In other words, when left to themselves, things go from Bad to worse. Or we can better state the following: If anything can go wrong, it will. Yep, Murphy’s Law is what I use to discredit Darwinism and “Prove” Intelligent Design.

When I state The Law of Entropy, and ask for the energy source that provides for these changes in our world, I am told, “Why the sun gives us all that energy.”

So I remind folks that energy from the sun is uncontrolled and from what I’ve read about nuclear reactions something needs to control the reaction rate of the solar fusion. I note that we know of no natural way of controlling the reaction rate, but still solar fusion is a controlled reaction. I ask, “What controls the reaction rate?”


Well something must control that rate of reaction. I call that Something, God, Yahweh.

But there are those who get angry because they are confronted with TRUTH and cannot defend their belief. I get called names and told I’m ignorant and superstitious.

Now we do have those in the middle … the seekers. These people don’t know what to believe, but they do want to know the truth. It tends to get difficult to share the truth with these while we are working to discredit ourselves. We tolerate too much. While I will not force my beliefs on anyone (Contrary what they may say), I do have an obligation to point out the wrongs and tell the truth.

When I state my belief and I tell you that I feel your belief is wrong, I am doing as God has commanded me. Folks get uncomfortable when confronted with God’s truth. They get confrontational or they cower and flee. In any case I am forcing my beliefs on them. Yes I am Politically Incorrect. But then I remember something… Jesus was not Politically Correct. If He was not, then I don’t need to be.

When we disagree with what someone believes, we are simply reaffirming our own belief. In the words of the great statesman, Patrick Henry of Virginia … “If that be treason, make the best of it.”

Love through Jesus

Steve (Hoss)